How Do I Submit My Music For Airplay?


Power FM receives most of its radio singles through the service PlayMPE, but we have been known to play music submitted to us directly. We would love to respond individually to each artist who submits music to us, but due to the high volume of submissions, we can only respond to to artists who we plan to add to our rotation. If you don’t hear back from us, we have some common reasons for rejecting a song at the bottom of this page.

If you would like to make a submission, you can send us either a physical CD or a digital copy, but please follow these guidelines:

CDs can be sent to:

Power FM
Att: Chris
11061 Shady Trail
Dallas, TX 75229

Or you may submit an mp3 via email to chris email as long as it is under 10 MB in size (any larger and our spam filter will block your email). Please include the lyrics to the song as that will help the process go faster.

MP3, 256kBit/s – 44.100kHz, Stereo will sound decent on the air and allow about 5 minutes of audio under 10 MB.

Whether you submit a physical or digital copy, please include the following information so we can file it in our database for royalty reporting:

01 – Song Title
02 – Artist/Band Name
03 – Band hometown
04 – Album Name (Single Release if not applicable)
05 – Year
06 – Record Company (if applicable, Independent if not applicable)
07 – List of Composer or Composers
08 – List of Publishing Company or Companies that own the song or a list of the individual or group of individuals that own the song
09 – List of Publishing Representation (i.e. ASCAP, BMI or SESAC)
10 – ISRC # (if one has been applied for)

Power FM licensed to play music represented by ASCAP, BMI and SESAC. If the song is not represented by a music licensing company then a special license between the owner or owners of the song and KVRK will need to be created to give us legal permission to air the song.

Download this… pdf-icon
(save target as)    then scan it and email it to .


Why  is  Power  FM  not  playing  my  music?


Here are a few of the most common explanations:

Our music director hasn’t seen the song.

Songs should be sent either in physical form to the address above, or digitally to Chris’s email. We get a lot of submissions on Facebook, but Chris doesn’t see those submissions. We try to redirect the submissions we get on Facebook or Twitter, but we don’t always see all of them. Also, make sure you follow the file size guidelines, or our servers may block your email.

Lyrical content

We try to focus on music that communicates the love of Christ and the hope of the Gospel, though we will occasionally play songs that are not as obvious in their lyrical content. While we appreciate bands who choose to minister through means other than their lyrics, these are not the bands that are in our mission to play.


We are a Christian rock station, and while “rock” is a term that can be stretched to fit a lot of different styles, there are some songs that will just sound out of place with the rest of our playlist.

Production value

You really can tell a difference between a song that was recorded and produced professionally and one that was done on a low budget. You may have an incredibly talented band, but if your song isn’t recorded and mixed well, it will sound bad when played between professionally recorded songs. We recommend finding a couple songs that we play regularly and playing one before and after your song. It’s easier to notice a discrepancy in production value if you have something to compare your music to.